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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Jacques Derrida's Aporetic Ethics (Contents)

Prefacing the Antiphon: Towards an Animal Theology

Introduction (Aporetology)

Chapter I
Aporia and the Decisions of Undecidability
Derrida's Logic of the Paradox and the Question of Violence
(Only where there is Undecidability can there be Decisions)

Out of Socrates' Aporia: Beyond Shaming

Out of Plato's Pharmakon: Beyond Scapegoating

Out of the Dangerous Supplement of
Levi-Strauss' Writing Lesson: Beyond Bordering

Out of Levinas' Totality and Infinity: Beyond Warring

Chapter II
Aporia and the Responsibilities of Dissemination
Derrida's Metaphysics of Excess and the Question of Responsibility
(Only where there is Dissemination can there be Responsibility)

From Husserl's Signs
To Responsible Givings Madness and Impossibility

From Heidegger's Times
To Responsible Givings Oblivion and Mourning

From Hegel's Prefaces
To Responsible Aleatory's not Binding and not being Bound

From Nietzsche's Perspectives
To Responsible Givings Surprise and Generosity

Chapter III
Aporia and the Ethical Subject of Differance
Derrida's Psychology of the De-Centered Subjectile and the Question of the Person
(Only where there is Differance within the Ethical Subject
can there be a Responsible Choice-Making Person)

From Heidegger's Dasein to Derrida's Person:
The Spectral Subject

From Nietzsche's Will to Power to Derrida's Person:
The Responsible Subject

From Freud's Unconscious to Derrida's Person:
The Scryptal Subject

From Saussure's Arbitrary to Derrida's Person:
The Messianic Subject

Chapter IV
Aporia and the Justice of Deconstruction
Derrida's Epistemology of Embracing Uncertainty
and the Question of Given Justice
(Only when we have constant Deconstructions of Theories and Laws
can we be moving towards Justice)

Mourning the never enough of precedents:
Pregnant Impossibility

Waiting for the never enough of time:
The Monstrous Arrivant

Wandering in the never enough of knowledge:
Abraham beyond Ulysses

By choosing to decide in the urgent instant:
Aporetic Nativities

Chapter V
Aporetic Scapes
(Towards a Derridean Theology)

Without Caputo's "Without"

Wholly Other than Critchley's Derrida
(Beyond Žižek's Apropos)

The Unlimited Responsibility of Spilling Ink
(Attending to what Searle can teach us )

Tasting the Scape of Ipseity
(Derrida’s Hopkins)

Conclusion: Aporetic Faith

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